CO2-CO Detection

CO2 ventilators
The Vitotherm CO2 dosing unit is a sturdy stainless steel unit. The combination of high efficiency and low maintenance with long lifespan make this unit an excellent investment. The units are developed and manufactured by our own staff, which means that we can monitor and guarantee our high quality requirements. The CO2 dosing units are available in a wide power range, from 2.2kW to 37kW. The unit can be completely tuned to meet the specific requirements of your company. In addition to this wide power range, the Vitotherm dosing unit can also be adapted to liquid CO2. The 'secret' of the Vitotherm CO2 dosing unit lies in its fan design: very low noise levels and economical energy consumption. The fan design causes less air friction thanks to the shape of the inlet unit and the fan-shaped housing. We also have an advanced diverter valve for the suction of outside air, which uses the airflow in the unit. In addition to the ventilator we also supply the CO2 ventilator control panel.

CO detection
Vitotherm high quality CO detection equipment is combined compactly in a single control cabinet. For our customers, it is important that measurements are extremely reliable because this system protects the entire crop when dosing CO2. Therefore the units are developed and manufactured in-house. In terms of safety, all technological options have been considered so there can never be an unsafe dosage of CO2. We highly recommend our equipment if you are looking for the best CO protection for your crops.