Riello Burners

In April 2013, Vitotherm started an intensive collaboration with the world's largest burner manufacturer Riello, responsible for the production of over 350,000 burners each year. Vitotherm is the official partner for the Dutch market. The collaboration includes a number of aspects including sharing technical knowledge, developing burner technology, testing systems, service and offering total solutions. Thanks to this collaboration we are able to offer you a high-quality product at an attractive price. The Riello burner systems are available in the range of 15kW to 50MW and can be fitted with the most advanced options. The systems have CE and GOST certificates, so they are available worldwide. To ensure that we can provide the right service, all our service staff have knowledge of these systems; we also have most parts in stock at our site in Pijnacker.

Depending on the correct configuration we may make a separate control panel for the burner system to make it suitable for all markets. This also allows us to customise each system specifically to the customer.

In addition to supplying burner systems, this collaboration also includes the option to supply boilers as well as burner-boiler combinations with the corresponding flue. Thanks to this ability to offer entire sets, Vitotherm can solve its customers problems completely. The boilers are available in reversed flame, three-pass and high-efficiency models and have CE & GOST certificates. This also applies to the burner systems.

We have detailed documentation and manuals available in Dutch for all burner systems and boiler types.

As a Riello dealer, we can offer you the following:

  • Low NOx Gas burners
  • Oil burners
  • Dual Fuel Burners
  • Duo Block Burners
  • 3-pass floor boilers
  • Condensing floor boilers

For more information visit the Riello website.