Service and Maintenance

Vitotherm service is available 24/7 by phone on +31 (0)15-3694757 to assist you immediately in the case of emergencies and/or malfunctions.

We are SCIOS certified for the following scopes. Thanks to our certification in a range of scopes, we can help you in all kinds of areas.

  • Scope 1: Gas-fired central heating boilers and heating units
  • Scope 2: Fan burners on warm water boilers and heating units
  • Scope 3: Steam boilers and hot water boilers
  • Scope 4: Combustion engines and turbines
  • Scope 5: Special and/or industrial systems
  • Scope 6: NOx measurements
  • Scope 7: Fuel pipes
Maintenance of your system is of the utmost importance. We recommend annual maintenance to ensure that your burners are reliable, safe and efficient. Our qualified service engineers are well-trained to keep your system in tip-top condition. What's more, they are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide the service that Vitotherm customers like you deserve! Our short response times provide the continuity that is so vital nowadays.

Periodic inspection / First special inspection
Dutch legislation on safety and the environment prescribes the frequency of inspections and maintenance of combustion plants. The compulsory minimum maintenance and inspection frequency depends on the type of combustion plant. The law distinguishes between plants that require an environmental permit and those that do not. In the case of an environmental permit, the permit itself prescribes the frequency of inspections and maintenance. The second group of plants is covered by the so-called Activities Decree.

Emission measurements
Newly installed gas-fuelled boiler systems with power greater than or equal to 400 kW must undergo an NOx measurement within 4 weeks of commissioning. We can carry out this measurement for you.

Malfunction contracts
In addition to periodic maintenance, periodic inspections and emission measurements, we also offer contracts that include support in the case of malfunctions. These contracts include both labour and travel time; they do not include materials.

Please contact us at any time if you have questions about our service or service contracts.