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Vitotherm CO detector-type VCD2 with sampling pump

A Vitotherm CO detector checks the flue gas that is transported from the burner to external applications (e.g., greenhouses) for carbon monoxide. The CO detector is mounted on the back of the boiler.

Can also be added a flue gas valve circuit. This controls the flue gas valve of CO2 systems equipped with a CO2 collector with multiple CO2 sources. The circuit closes the flue gas valve in the flue gas outlet to the CO2 collector when CO is detected in the flue gas of the system (e.g. when the burner is activated). This prevents CO from entering the CO2 collector.


O2 controller – LT3C

An O2 controller regulates the amount of O2 that is added to the fuel mixture. This compensates for differences in gas quality (caloric value) and improves the efficiency of the burner.

The O2 controller can be expanded with a CO controller. This allows the O2 controller to recognize the O2 breaking point after which CO is created and adjust the O2 percentage accordingly.

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