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Our Mono-block burners are compactly built industrial burner systems that are an excellent choice for easy installment and perfect saving room.

Key benefits of the mono-block burner are the ease of assembly of the burner system as well as the ease of disassembly to perform smooth maintenance.


Burner manual and electrical drawing in English language.

Control Panel (Lamtec, Autoflame or Siemens).

Computer interface.

Frequency drive Danfoss.

Gastrain Siemens.

Low water probe.

Oil pump when burner is dual fuel (HP).

Safety chain condenser in burner control panel.

Safety chain external water level protection in burner control panel.

Set with boiler thermostat max temperature, Pt 100/Pt1000.

When optioned modulating oil, leak tray and buffervessel are included.


The complete burner is CE/EAC/CSEI certified.

Performance data

** Based on caloric value of 31,65 MJ/nm³ Hi.

** All other gasses on request.

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