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Monojet burners are an excellent choice for smaller heating systems due to their compact size, simple design, reliability, and easy installation. These burners are versatile and can operate with a variety of fuels, such as gas or oil, providing a flexible solution for a variety of needs. One of the most impressive features of these burners is their low NOx emissions, which stay below 30 ppm, making them an eco-friendly choice. In addition, they are equipped with an advanced control system from Autoflame, which ensures efficient and precise control over combustion. Due to their ability to be mounted on smaller boilers, monojet burners offer an ideal solution for spaces with limited dimensions, without sacrificing performance or efficiency.


Burner manual and electrical drawing in English language.

Control Panel (Lamtec, Autoflame or Siemens).

Computer interface.

Frequency drive Danfoss.

Gastrain Siemens.

Low water probe.

Oil pump

Safety chain condenser in burner control panel.

Safety chain external water level protection in burner control panel.

Set with boiler thermostat max temperature, Pt 100/Pt1000.


The complete burner is CE/EAC/CSEI certified.

Performance data

** Based on caloric value of 31,65 MJ/nm³ Hi.

** All other gasses on request.

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