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Remote commissioning

Vitotherm completes another remote commissioning in China.

Vitotherm’s “remote commissioning” concept has once again proven its worth in China. This time for the 40,000m2 rose project ‘Linxia Baiyi’ for client BOM and its Chinese partner AiBiDa.

Senior commissioning engineer John Duijnisveld is now getting used to commissioning a Vitotherm burner from the new Vitotherm premises in Bleiswijk and is enthusiastic about this new form of service: “Carrying out a local commissioning is often expensive for our clients, partly due to the travel and accommodation costs. In addition, the time and duration of travel is uncertain because external factors during greenhouse construction can lead to delays and/or waiting time on site. In this project, a compliment to AiBiDa’s local technicians is certainly in order; they performed a fantastic job in preparing the installation work of the Vitotherm burner and the TK-Top boiler in such a way that the complete remote commissioning could actually be successfully achieved in only two sessions of 4 hours each.”

Service Manager Jan van Oers proudly explains that also the greatly simplified on-site installation through the introduction of the Vitopack concept (prefabricated installation of cabling and components of gas line, gas pipe adapter, butterfly valve, control panel and frequency drive) has contributed to the successful realization of the “remote commissioning” concept together with the specially developed “commissioning suitcase”: a suitcase that is sent to the site prior to commissioning containing – among others – a TESTO flue gas analyzer, a remotely controlled ruggedized laptop and the Iristick Industrial smartglasses for optimal communication with the local technicians during commissioning.

The remote commissioning concept was developed during the corona crisis primarily out of necessity, but after several successful commissioning projects in, among others,  Brazil, Tunisia and China, it has proven its added value for Vitotherm customers and will therefore continue to be available in addition to the regular Vitotherm services. For further information, contact Vitotherm.

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