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Saving Naturalgas

Saving natural gas with your heating / steam boiler has always been important, but nowadays more important than ever.

Vitotherm’s focusses on total costs of ownership of the burner and need to be as low as possible during its entire lifespan. Every cubic feet of gas that can be saved provides returns for the entire lifespan.

The gas savings achieved with the burner during its total operation time determine its ultimate success. Because fuel costs are the largest part of the total costs of a steam boiler, the most efficient product is of course the best to purchase.

In recent years, Vitotherm has engineered its burners (combustion device) into the most efficient burner possible. These have been produced over the years with an electronic gas/air ratio control that can be expanded (later on added) with an O2/CO control. From a combustion point of view, the burner is engineered in such a way that it gets the most out of the combustion and therefore achieves the highest possible combustion efficiency. The combustion figures have been proven in the field “in combination with our burner” to be between >0,3 – <1% oxygen. In most cases this will give you a minimum saving of 2-3% on your gas consumption, taking into account seasonal / weather influences.

Of course, in addition to these, there are many more options with your steam boiler that can save you naturalgas / energy consumption. Vitotherm can advise you on this. So if you still have an outdated burner that is crucial for your production, please contact Ed Roeleveld to see together how much savings can be acceived.

Do you perhaps have other options for alternative fuels such as BIO-methane or hydrogen? Vitotherm can also support you on this.


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